A Web Quest based upon BC science and social studies curriculum for grade 4 to 7

Water ...

. .... what is all the fuss about?

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Integrating technology within curriculum

This water project is my version of a web quest for a grade 5/6/7 class. Because the topic is of current concern it can also be used with older students. Teachers and students can take what they want from it and use what portions appeal to them.

We want to utilize technology in meaningful curriculum situations. We want to capitalize on the interest that students have in computers and the internet ... and we want to ensure that we are meeting Ministry of Education Learning Outcomes.

My motivation for making this web quest was my desire to take project development out of the cut and paste dimension of internet use. I created a situation in which students will need to compare, contrast, analyse, synthesize and then create opinions based on information that the internet provides.

Teachers ask, how do we develop units of study, projects or research in this electronic environment? The answer to that question .... is multi faceted:
  • by using the abundance of creative lessons that other teachers have made available
  • by accessing teacher directory sites such as the amazing Kathy Schrock site
  • by learning to create web quests
  • by being resourceful, sharing ideas and exploring a huge variety of teacher provided sites.

You won't be disappointed.

Web quest resources:

For great unit resources got to: teacher resource prepared by Environment Canada.


In BC, the Librarians Association has created a rich project based format (the Research Quest Model) which the Gr. 6-9 ICT Initiative used.


Getting Started A Guide for Participating Teachers, contains the Research Quest Model on page 9 and can be accessed at http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/technology/6-9/ict_getting_started.pdf
The Web Quest Primer. A must visit! Bernie Dodge and Tom March, two educators, have done extensive work in this line of instruction. Their site is one of the first that you should look at to develop an understanding of this philosophy. Link to http://www.ozline.com/learning/
The McRel site addresses many of the issues that are raised about the use of technology in our classrooms. For instance, what is the impact of technology, do we have added value when we use it? These are some of the questions addressed on this page. Link to http://www.mcrel.org/products/tech/technology/index.asp
Unit resources:
Clean Water - Life Depends On it. A Unit.

This is an adobe acrobat file that is fully functional. It entails curriculum areas of social studies, science, environment, language arts, research, and art. There are experiments and research in all activities. Recommended. From Environment Canada, the Teachers's Corner "Clean Water - Life Depends Upon it!" http://www.ec.gc.ca/water/en/info/pubs/lntwfg/topic3-e.pdf

Another excellent resource is Water Conservation - Every Drop Counts This is an excellent page created by Environment Canada

Prepared by S. Anaka sanaka@mail.sd91.bc.ca This project is to be used with the Grade 4/7 Social Studies and Science curriculum for anyone interested in investigations using an inquiry format. This project was created in part through a UBC Graduate Course in CSED Directed Studies.
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